Download and install

(Grinvin needs Java version 8 or higher to already be installed on your computer.)

You can download Grinvin for Linux from this link. This is a compressed archive. Save it to a temporary location. The archive contains a folder with all necessary components for Grinvin. Extract this folder from the archive and put it in an appropriate place (e.g., /usr/local/grinvin-1.3.1). To launch the Grinvin application, run the script from this folder.

(After installation the archive can be deleted.)

First time

The first time Grinvin is run, the program asks you to enter the name of a file which will serve as a workspace for Grinvin. A file named grinvin in your home directory is probably a good choice for this (the program automatically adds the extension .gws to the name). Every time Grinvin application is closed, your current work will be saved into this file, allowing you to resume your work the next time you start Grinvin.


Grinvin 1.3.1 was tested on Ubuntu Linux but will probably also work on any other version of GNU/Linux with a CPU of the i386 family.

Grinvin © Ghent University, Belgium