Download and install

(Grinvin needs Java version 8 or higher to already be installed on your computer.)

You can download Grinvin for Windows from this link. The file which is downloaded is the installation program for Grinvin. Save this file into a temporary location (e.g., on your desktop) and run it. For a standard installation you simply need to click the Next button on every window which is presented.

Important On recent versions of Windows you will probably need administrator rights to install Grinvin in the suggested location. (Click on the installer program with your right mouse button and choose Run as administrator.) If you do not have administrator rights, choose a different Destination Folder when the installation program asks for it. Choose a folder of which you are the owner.

(After installation, the installation program can be removed.)

First time

The first time Grinvin is run, the program asks you to enter the name of a file which will serve as a workspace for Grinvin. A file named Grinvin in your My Documents folder is probably a good choice for this. Every time Grinvin application is closed, your current work will be saved into this file, allowing you to resume your work the next time you start Grinvin.


Grinvin 1.3.1 has last been tested on Windows 7 and on Windows 10, but will probably also work on Windows 8.

Grinvin © Ghent University, Belgium